Yellow Orchids


~ What was that? Yep, you heard it or felt it. Something is in the air and your antennas are finely tuned. Wow – is your world ever changing? The landscape around you is morphing to reflect your new visions and what you hold in high esteem.

The week starts off like a bullet. However, try to get as much as possible done early in the week. Mars moves into Cancer, the homebody and he will be interested in all things *home.* Get your ‘motivation on’ early because *what you do, get done and accomplished while the Action Man is in Cancer depends on how you feel.

Oh; by the way, he’s there for the next six weeks. Defense is what Cancer does best and you may be defending your actions. Your Moods will be very important and tied to what you get done. This all starts to move in tomorrow – (on Wednesday): so take note.

In the meantime, Mercury does one of those mixed up dances with Neptune and that can result in crossed wires, mixed up communications and ‘plain old’ confusion. Mars is in its 29th degree, which means he’s finishing up things in Gemini. He gets in a twist with Saturn and you could find yourself expecting an apology or needing to deliver one. Either way, *just do it.* If you need to deliver one, rip the bandaid off and get on with it. If you are expecting one – learn how to accept one without the need to actually get one. You’ll be much better for it. You also might receive some important or needed information. Listen Up….



SATURDAY JUNE 20, 2015 ~ In the darkest hour just before dawn, the ‘Goddess of Emoting in Leo’ hooks up with ‘The Goddess of Love and Luxury’ fueling artistic expression. One of the hallmarks of the sign of Leo is the signature of originality; creating and producing offspring of the mind and body. Its the blending of art and science in such a way that it marvels the Gods and leaves us mere mortals in awe. We are astonished and filled with wonder and delight at what is produced, time after time. The Lion Never ceases to hit the mark, time and…


FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2015 ~ For the next two days, the Moon joins Jupiter in the Sign of Leo. Creative passions as well as energy and enthusiasm will be abundant. You’ll be ready for passionate and creative endeavors. Channel your ‘Inner Artist.’ Take center stage. Lights, Cameras, Action – Walk down the red carpet – Step up and claim your Oscar.  Give your acceptance speech and take your bow. It is your spotlight dance. The Sun is shining on YOU. Listen for the applause and cheers in the theatre, sports arenas or whoever you can shine. The soul craves attention.…


THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2015 ~ This is not your ordinary Thursday even if there is any such thing in the first place. Today, you step outside the box and take the road less-travelled. Being different, being an individual or trying something out of character marks the day. So plan to do just that. Yep, you are tired or bored with routine, common, everyday structure and you are looking for something that has *you* written all over it. You could find yourself all over the place today and never know where your travels will take you. One way or the other,…