~ Hallelujah ……the Sagittarius Moon greets the day one hour and eight minutes after midnight. Say goodbye to the heavy, oppressive energy that only the Scorpio Moon can create. Today, you are light-hearted and full of optimism as Jupiter (aka – the planet of faith, hope and opportunities) stations. The jolly planet, ruler of Sagittarius, turns from its backwards motion and goes direct. He has been traveling backwards, stalled or just plain stuck in place for the last four months. However, you should start to feel his luck as he gains forward momentum.

You will now be able to move ahead in the areas where you were stalled. Now, you get to indulge in Jupiter’s blessings, his style and panache reflected in his zest for life. If you have “done your Jupiter,” that is; if you have spent the last four months looking inward, then you are ready to bring forth that wisdom and put it into action in your daily life.  As the camera rolls, things you start now, career, friendships, relationships, jobs; all hold the promise of grandeur and success. You are beginning a brand new cycle.

However, I must dial it back and remind everyone that at 8:20AM, the Winged Messenger, aka Mercury; is within range of the infamous trigger point which is 16 degrees Aries. Mercury makes a conjunction with “Mr. I don’t care what you had planned” Uranus and the game is on!  Not much more than an hour later, the Moon in ‘fun and games’ Sagittarius teams up with Saturn in the same sign. This can manifest itself in several ways. The electrical current can have you going off course and helter-skelter. You CAN, maybe, get some work done and have fun doing it if you can harness the energy. Rewards can come to fruition through forward-thinking. You might even surprise yourself with a few great ideas. By dinnertime, the Moon hooks up with Neptune.  You will be ready to escape reality but choose your get-away vehicle with care.

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