NYC New Tower


~ In the darkest hour just before dawn, the ‘Goddess of Emoting in Leo’ hooks up with ‘The Goddess of Love and Luxury’ fueling artistic expression. One of the hallmarks of the sign of Leo is the signature of originality; creating and producing offspring of the mind and body. Its the blending of art and science in such a way that it marvels the Gods and leaves us mere mortals in awe.

We are astonished and filled with wonder and delight at what is produced, time after time. The Lion Never ceases to hit the mark, time and time again. Forever renewing the self, the creative energy of Leo radiates warmth as it give life to something that never was. Tomorrow is the solstice when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky at noon: marking the longest days of summer.

We start this glorious day at 5:26 AM:EDT, then a little more than an hour later at 6:39 AM:EDT, Luna is at odds with Pluto. You might find yourself engaged in a power play or two that might be impossible to prevent. Smile and Wave as you watch the others obsess over whatever they have chosen as ‘all important’ for the time being.

Keep your own tendencies under control by consciously directing the energy into worthwhile pursuits. As the day moves on, and you’ll have plenty of daylight, you may find your responses are exaggerated and/or blown out of proportion. Use the energy to start a self-discovery or self-improvement project. Challenge yourself by setting goals that can take you to the next level. You’re too comfy where you are and need to “break on through to the other side.”




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