FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2015

~ For the next two days, the Moon joins Jupiter in the Sign of Leo. Creative passions as well as energy and enthusiasm will be abundant. You’ll be ready for passionate and creative endeavors. Channel your ‘Inner Artist.’ Take center stage. Lights, Cameras, Action – Walk down the red carpet – Step up and claim your Oscar.  Give your acceptance speech and take your bow. It is your spotlight dance.

The Sun is shining on YOU. Listen for the applause and cheers in the theatre, sports arenas or whoever you can shine. The soul craves attention. High drama & passion. You are the Producer, Director and Performer. Pssst, of course, this is also a great time to declare your love for someone. And if you are going to do it, do so with a regal flair. Go big or go home!

Positive connections can be made today. What motivates and inspires you? The energy of Mercury and Luna, in this combination, lights up your mental faculties. Your creative imagination is soaring. Have your notebook handy, you’ll want to reference your ideas. If you have to sell yourself or present a proposal; the timing is perfect because your powers of persuasion are at their finest. Your head and heart are on the same page. Expect to engage in some heart warming conversations. If you need to have a heart to heart with anyone, then today is the day to make it happen. Share your feelings with those you hold dear. If you have to make a speech to a group of people, you’ll fair well.



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