~ This is not your ordinary Thursday even if there is any such thing in the first place. Today, you step outside the box and take the road less-travelled. Being different, being an individual or trying something out of character marks the day. So plan to do just that. Yep, you are tired or bored with routine, common, everyday structure and you are looking for something that has *you* written all over it. You could find yourself all over the place today and never know where your travels will take you.

One way or the other, today will be unpredictable. Either you are the instigator or others in your environment are upsetting the apple cart. Build extra time into your schedule because free-flowing through the day could prove interesting.  These adventures may present options that were previously out of your wheel house.

Could be a good day to use or discover your innate abilities. The “here, there and everywhere” influences of the day allow for many opportunities to present themselves. Be receptive. As night falls, the Moon moves into trine with Saturn, planning, organizing, and effortlessly putting things in order flow.  Any work or planning that you do now will benefit you in the future. Your logic, common sense, and sense of responsibility are at its strongest.  Capitalize on the moment and use it.




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