Goddess of Emoting


~ The Moon is in Cancer all day today. Home & hearth and all things that calm and comfort take center stage. The hectic pace of the last couple of days fades while you prepare to get away from the maddening crowd. At 9:41 AM:EDT, the Moon trines Neptune. This aspect represents a “time to smell the roses” aspect. You’ll want to relax, commune with nature, walk in clover or take time to ‘just be.’ You desire to take a sentimental journey.  Let go of expectations and just simply “be.” Recharge your spirit.

You will be ‘Seeking Home’ or ‘Thinking of Home’ because home is where your Heart is. Ideas and thoughts on how to make your domicile more comfortable occupy your time. Inspired ways to beautify your domestic environment come to you in unusual ways. Family matters and domestic issues concern you at this time.

After the sun sets, nearing the longest day of the year, Luna draws on your feelings. They Stir in you that which moves you. Others may try to control you or pull your heart strings. Others can cause you some concern as they try to strong-arm you into or out of  ‘what you want’ and ‘where you stand.’ The trick for you is to know exactly YOUR what and YOUR where. Draw your line in the sand. Possessiveness, manipulation and jealousy are possible ingredients in today’s soup de jour; especially in the hours just before midnight. Try to calm the swirling waters around you while Luna and Pluto attempt to rock the boat.






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