Night Stars


~ The current conditions are emotional?  It is a bit hard to put into words. Words can have so many different meanings today. Listen carefully. Pay close attention and try to pick up the messages that are floating about, just below the normal level of awareness. Traditional radar is missing them as they fly just below the level of consciousness. However, if you fine tune your receiving transmitter, you will catch them. You are still a little bit in fantasy mode and it plays out all around you. May the odds be forever in your favor as the universal force aligns with your spirit.

Kick back and go with the flow. Whatever gives you the Mojo to keep things afloat is your answer. Go for it. The Moon is in Taurus – Discover and Uncover what it is that you need. Then incorporate it; install it in the everyday operating of your physical, emotional and spiritual systems. Once you have what you need, you are good to go. The obstacles of life will fall away and the path will be clear.

Mercury and Uranus can add some flavor to the day with stimulation and excitement. Maybe something different piques your fancy.  As the day moves toward its end – Self-indulgence is increasingly more likely than not. You’re not as inclined to consider the consequences of over-eating, over-drinking, or overdoing in general. Try to keep things in moderation. Nonetheless, you’ll want to be fully aware of overindulging in anything so be vigilant and you will be much less likely to wake up tomorrow wishing you had not done something to excess.



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