THURsday JUNE 11, 2015

 ~ Aha – Hermes, Mercury, the Winged Messenger of the Gods turns right round today and if you think everything will follow suit; think again. You cannot step into the river twice. Although this heavenly body stops in preparation for his direct motion, he does just that. He stops to an almost stand still and that is what “all He rules” does too. Don’t let his stagnant ‘tude’ get you down. He’ll pick up speed gradually in a few days and so will your Mercury-ruled aspects. So if you are expecting to hear some news, be patient because this messenger is stalled. Now, take advantage of the energy to go deep, to get serious.

Mercury does trace over his footprints. However, what has been uncovered – changes things. Perhaps you discovered a goldmine of creative power. Use the concentrated powers of this day to launch your efforts. Today offers you a peek into the future – or some Emotional Insight. This *peek* can be both entertaining and also provide moral or intellectual instructions. Perhaps its something you read in hard copy or stumbled on while perusing the internet. 

If you need to protect or defend a stance, all power to you.  But keep in the forefront of your gray matter that the Goddess of Emoting is duking it out with Pluto. Your Obsessions and Compulsions are running rampant. You ‘could easily get carried away.’ If you do so, make sure it is for a worthy cause and is a benefit; not a detriment to your personal well-being. Pay close attention to your dreams.



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