FireWorks 10


~ Keep riding the wave you are on. The Moon enters Aries at 7:14 AM:EDT. You’ll want to ‘Blaze a Path’ to wherever it is you that you insist you are going. When the Goddess of Emoting is in Aries, you are emotionally impulsive. You are Ready. Get on your mark, Go. Oh wait….You forgot to ,Get Set.’ Are you initiating ‘Sudden Flare-Ups and Fireworks’ or are those around you doing it.

You might have to dodge a few bullets. Some might be your very own.  You’ll be in an independent, “Do it Yourself” mode. Full steam ahead. The Red Planet is all about Assertion, Anger & Attitude and he’s looking out for Number One. This feisty guy wants action.

Mercury trines Saturn early in the morning and you can stabilize all your energy with some steady, clear thinking and get reliable results. Clear the mental debris field. The Drunken Monkeys have been running uncontrolled, tossing their litter everywhere. You can take steps closer to success if you proceed with a big dose of Saturn. Results that are for posterity. Set the Worries Aside. Think big. Social connections and contacts made will ‘work well.’ Add these folk to your network for future dealings, joint ventures and yes, even love relationships. Saturn is very clear and prominent in marriage proposals and long lasting relationships. Read: Stability, Rock Solid Foundations.

Events will pick up the pace for the next couple of days. Time to amp up the metabolism. Competition, yep …… scrap for every advantage you can gain. The challenge is to be first and be quick. However, be fully prepared and pay attention to details so you do not have to do it over again.




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