~ Inspired, passionate and humanitarian pursuits. Today is a time when you are more willing than usual to take risks. If you are contemplating making a change, a progressive necessary change in your life, your career or your relationships – get ready! You are onto something. You will have a strong desire to make things happen and this is the “make it happen” aspect. It hangs around a couple of days so you have time to prepare for when Mercury goes direct on June 11. Keep your cards close to your vest until you are ready to make the move.

If you find yourself being pushed into situations that tax your limits, make sure they’re worth the energy you must expend. If you choose well, these new approaches will free up energy that has been trapped. Seriously, that is all you have to do sometimes – just get out of your own way. Re-invention time, re-generation. You are carrying some pretty distracting energies. Clear the debris field. Stringing the right energies together into a workable format can alleviate some aggregation and take you where you want to go.

You will become ‘painfully’ aware of the mind/body connection and the role that emotions play in illness and healing. Yep. either through yourself, or through the others in your environment. Actions you take or are prompted to take, are challenging you to heal yourself of a deep, emotional wound. Do it. Look to those close to you – the support comes in many forms. Don’t overlook anything – how someone close is ‘taking care of you. Physician Heal thyself …..


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