~ The week hosts a few celestial events and when we have this kind of action in the heavens, you can expect some corresponding events to also materialize on earth. Similar to qualifying events; when a planet changes signs – or starts – or stops retrograde motion – things happen. This will be an interesting week with ups and downs: starts and stops. Mercury is preparing to station (stand still) and resume forward motion later this week, beginning  on June 11. The  Winged Messenger has been traveling backwards picking up the stitches that you dropped at a previous time and place. Time to “Catch Up.”

Midday, Luna-still-in-Aquarius runs into some challenges with Mercury-in-Gemini. Watch ‘the Words’ – both Yours and Others. The Moon enters Pisces at 4:16 am EDT so you’ll want to ‘get away from it all’ or ‘get away with it all.’ Yep  – Pisces on the lower side, loves to pull out the cheating side of you and you might ‘try’ to get away with it. Perhaps you are letting things slide in your attempt to ‘escape’. So do choose your *escape vehicle* with care. When the Sun sextiles Jupiter, your confidence will be high. Use it with wisely.  If not, it could get you into hot water.

You’ll soak in energy like a sponge, so be careful. Draw in the positives and filter out the negatives. May feel like the sand is shifting under your feet. Free floating and drifting is what you’ll choose instead of hard commitment. Go with the energy and reschedule those hard-line meetings for another day when you’ll be ‘on your toes.’

Vivid imagination and divinely inspired creativity is the way to go.  Watch out; “popping the cork and throwing a pity party” is an easy fall-back position. Invite the Pink Goddess in, embrace her romantic and daydream-like qualities. Pisces loves the Nostalgic. Everything looks great in a “pink” light. Enjoy every moment while it lasts.


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