Blue Rose


~ It’s an easy, early morn; that is, if you are up with the birds. ‘Harmony’ is the result. The 5 AM:EDT meeting is the mixing of two celestial lights; aka the Sun and the Moon, producing Heart Warming feelings. Exercise, workouts or meditation will leave you feeling accomplished. Everything goes along swimmingly.

Jupiter swoops in around 7:06 AM, tipping the scales, especially when He brings in “Mr. Action Man” Mars. Jupiter loves going over the top. He’s Mr. Big; his reach is long and far. Energy; an abundance of it, is at your disposal. With this combo, it flows easily. Do watch out for changing rip currents. They can take you from safety to danger quickly. One minute you can be walking safely near shore and the next find yourself somewhere out to sea. In deep. This might overwhelm you as you struggle to keep your head above water. It’s easy to get swept away, sucked into something you are not ready for.

Try not to make any decisions on the spot. Do not struggle and overreact. Stay relaxed and loose. Take your time, all the time you need. Don’t allow yourself to be hoodwinked. If you can, think things out with the proper time needed. The currents will settle and you’ll be able to float along leisurely. Oh  – and if you have to navigate those turbulent waters longer than anticipated, no worries  – you have the physical strength to do just that if you keep calm and maintain staunch resolve.

With the Moon-in-Aquarius – Most of the Day moves along ‘out of the box’ with pleasant surprises and interesting ‘out of the norm’ events. You should not be bored today, that’s for sure. Entertain some of your more liberating ideas. You can have yourself a fun time if you part ways with your ‘usual’ Sunday Morn routine.


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