Friday JUNE 6, 2015

~ Just an hour after midnight, we welcome the Moon-in-Aquarius   –   and you are ready to break your stride. Throw routine right out the window.  Expect a few ‘out of the blue’ and spontaneous moments. Socializing with Friends and group Activities are the way to go. When the Goddess is in Aquarius, you can expect the unexpected – it’s a wild card. You’ll be restless and will not tolerate feeling tied down or being told what to do. Your Inner Rebel is looking for a cause and if you don’t supply one, he’ll rebel anyway, even without one. When the Moon is in Aquarius, he likes to be unique. So today, we march to the beat of a different drummer.

If you are stuck in a situation that you are having trouble *getting out of*  –  today is the day you can break free with relative ease. Yep, Step down. Its time to switch gears. The energy of Aquarius enables you to do things which you might never think you were capable of doing. Get out your list. You want to move forward with future-oriented thinking and plans. Connect with like-minded people.

Venus-trines-Saturn. Affections stabilize. Small advancements can be made if you are willing to do the work. You are able to realistically look at a situation, get to the heart of the matter and clearly determine *what is what.* Get together with people from your past and re-connect.  Re-build old friendships and/or business partnerships as well. You’ll be able to break ground and establish a solid base upon which to build a foundation of creative love and passion.


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