~  Are you going some “where?” Doing some “thing” different? On your calendar; pencil it in – nope, use a permanent sharpie and break free from the ordinary. If you haven’t tried it, today is the day to do it! You have carte blanche to pick your *It.* Hummmmm  – go for it. You have the Moon still in the sign of Sagittarius and this indicates you have your sites set out there – out yonder. You are ready to pack your bags and venture beyond the boundaries of the everyday commonplace.

Tonight, as evening falls, the Capricorn Moon moves in; bringing with it an ‘air of seriousness.’ You will want to be all business; ‘Keeping and Making’ the rules. Take charge of things with consistent and dedicated effort. Be Reserved and Cautious. You are hard working & ambitious. You should be concerned with finances. Be calculating and pay acute attention to details. Balance your checkbook and pay your bills. Take care of business. The old taskmaster, the school teacher sits invisibly on your right shoulder while your internal critic sits on your left. It is a tIme to get jobs done. Stay focused and complete tasks. It is a time to tend to family business or domestic concerns.


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