Holding the Moon


 ~ I know so many of my clients are at their wit’s end and ‘have had it.’ Transformative Pluto and “Turn Your Life Upside Down Uranus” have been tossing many of you around like a Rag Doll. If you didn’t know who you were or what you were made of, you surely found out recently. Annnnnd, some of you may have had a pleasant, surprise embrace which you probably dreaded. Yep, that which you ran so hard from, actually gave you a much needed gift.

With today’s celestial goddess at her fullest, you are ready to say the final g’bye’s to things you no longer need nor want in your life. Once all the junk is gone, you’ll see quite clearly, under the brightness of the full moon, what the universe has delivered to you. Take a few minutes to inventory the people and experiences that this helluva roller coaster ride, which you have been on for the last eighteen months, has brought to your doorstep. People who have come into, or back into your life, are a breath of much-needed fresh air  –  or not.

You are at the dawn on a new beginning. A fascinating time of mixing the new with the old. By doing so, all becomes fresh and alive. It holds purpose and meaning like never before. When Mercury, the Winged Messenger  – the ruler of communication is traveling backwards, it is a time to internalize your interpretation of what all this means to you. It is a prime occasion for self-reflection.


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