~  Morning has Broken and Moving On with the day offers some pretty nice advantages. The Moon enters Sagittarius  – the Sign of  the Archer at 2:39 PM:EDT for a quick date with Saturn. You are ready with Faith, Hope and Pixie Dust filling your pockets; you set off for distant shores and your sights are fixed. You ‘Can Do’ what is necessary. Put your money where your mouth is. You’re optimistic and ready to experience new vistas. If you tap in, then do some fine tuning with the radio dial, you are likely to catch a premonition or two.

Exalted Sagittarius’s farsightedness is the gift of prophecy. When you make yourself light enough, you’ll tap into the universal consciousness and field of all-knowing. Sagittarius is the sign of the Mystics, Sages and Prophets. Channel your ‘Inner Wizard.’ Let go of yesterday’s trash and allow the vision of tomorrow ‘the right of way’. Ask and you shall receive. Go with your intuition and trust your feelings.


The Full Moon is tomorrow June 2 at nineteen minutes after noon and this can manifest itself in various ways. For starters, all those pieces and nicely detailed plans that you had ten or twenty years ago or even just a month ago, may appear quite so clear anymore. Perhaps when you look around, you are truly not seeing what you’d like to be seeing. Fear not, with faith in your pocket, just like a precision cut jigsaw, the pieces can fit synergistically in ways you did not or could not envision.


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