SuNDAY MAY 31, 2015

~The Headliner today is ‘Sun-Square-Neptune’ and this combo is in rare form. Can you say ‘Chaos?’ Most certainly. However, can you accept it? Probably not. It is not over. Trying to make sense or insisting that things do, will get you in deep. Neptune blurs the lines between fact and fiction, reality and wishful thinking. Center yourself. If you can go through today with your eyes wide open, you’ll fair best.

The Moon is in Scorpio all day. Truth and Lies will be revealed. So look beneath the surface. Listen to your dreams. Intuition is high and premonitions tune in loud and clear. If you find yourself confused, know that this too shall pass and don’t try to make any important decisions. This is a day of dreaming and escape. Neptune is ‘Inspired Creativity’ at its finest, or at the extreme end of the spectrum is Delusions. You may not feel like dealing with the reality that is on deck. Direct this energy into spiritual pursuits or creative inspirations. This is a fine time to declutter your environment. Make your home pleasing to the eye. Get rid of eyesores that are hard on the visual cortex.

A Full “Strawberry Moon” is on the rise and you are needing to look at – what it is that needs your attention. Saturn and Antares will move westward against the nighttime sky. It will turn full at exactly 12:19  PM:EDT (it will be difficult to see clearly since it happens during daylight hours.) Seeing the connection with Antares, ‘the heart of the Scorpion and huge Gemini energy playing against Sagittarius: I am expecting everyone will  *Hear Words.* Words that strike home or get to the heart of the matter.

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