30May 4


~ There will be a whole lotta talking going on – all over the place today. So if you are the one doing the talking and your information is not for everyone, observe your environment. Lurking in the shadows could be ‘listening ears’ that are hearing what they should not be hearing.  Not everything you have to say is for all to hear. On the flip side, you may be the listener, and you might be the one who hears a particular bit of info. It is as if you need to know something? What is it? Typically, when the Moon is in Scorpio its a time to go deep – for some thing.

Today, the Sun catches up to Mercury and surpasses him. You might need to get ahead of some news or out in front of story that is spinning out of control.  Face-to-face is best. Either way, you and everyone will have a lot to say. While the energy is in Gemini, the power is in “Words, Thoughts and Concepts.” And, if you could fathom the immense power of all dem words, you’d be doing major editing and re-writing much of the script. So take this time to do just that. Re-write some of those old scripts, the ones that play like broken records and do nothing but annoy. Drop the worrying too, that gets you nowhere. Like a rocking chair, worrying gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:33 AM this morning. As you get further into the day, your thoughts get deeper. Obsessing, absorbing and rolling in the deep; it will be hard to shake the seriousness in the air. Scorpio is intense. Highs and Lows are both in the forecast. You’ll be dealing with the extremes of life for the next two days leading up to the Full Moon.

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