FRIDAY MAY 29, 2015

~ Take extra steps of caution on your morning commute. Edginess and Restlessness from shortage of sleep can give you the jitters. Tossing and Turning in the dark hours of the night leaves you irritated. If you are sensitive to caffeine, dial back your intake a bit this morning. If not, pour yourself a double – espresso that is. This will not be a regular run-of-the-mill Friday. Something is up and your routine will be different, unusual, interrupted or changed in some way. Now, you have yourself another choice – you can be completely annoyed by the disruption or welcome it. The choice is all yours. Be open!

The Moon squares Venus just in time for happy hour. This is likely to manifest in a number of ways, but I am leaning towards a little bit of over-doing it. Be Fore-warned. You’ll be looking for comfort and you don’t really know what is going to provide that. Wanting to have fun, you’ll be eager in your pursuit. Willing to put yourself out there more than usual. Relating to others could produce some clashes; either by meeting others or by not being able to meet with others. These clashes produce friction and their fair share of sparks.

All that can, and often does, draw you into a new relationship  –  hummmm. You can’t light a fire without a spark. Opposites Attract!  It is through our polarity, our opposite, that we become whole and integrated. It is by truly embracing all the various different parts of Ourselves and our Others that we arrive.

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