~ First thing this morning, at 6:33 AM:EDT, Mercury counters parallel-Pluto. The day ends at ten minutes past midnight, so actually May 29th) with a ‘Luna Square’-to-Pluto, setting up for or delivering some crucial info. Something is heard. Could be a secret disclosed. Something re-surfaces; after all Mercury is Retrograde. Words and Communication of some sort can provide profound insight. Something said, heard or conveyed has Pluto written all over it.

If you stumble upon it, be careful, turn it over gently, look under the surface. Try to read between the lines. There is a message in there for you. Oh — and do avoid any manipulation or underhanded maneuvers of your own doing. If you feel compelled to do so, ask yourself why are you attempting to provoke and get a reaction. You’ll come up with a rational fear or two and simply becoming conscious opens the door for you to let them go. At the very least, you’ll be able to disperse its power and lessen its grip on you.

The Neptune fog rolls in for a second time this week, both today and tomorrow. Vague, unreliable, creative, or spiritual energy permeates your environment slowly. Creeping slowly and culminating at 3:01 AM on the 29th. Pick your vehicle but don’t be surprised if it is all of the above rolled into a nice mis-mash. Confusion reigns supreme. Likely to produce some insightful dreams if you decipher the message. You will have trouble telling which side is up. If you want to put this energy to good use; your vehicle should be the creative arts. Take your pick and let the energy take you where ‘it needs to’.

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