~ At the crack of dawn, Mercury – the Winged Messenger – collides with Mr. Mars for a joint effort. Caution is needed when these two are together. They like to pack a powerful punch. Have a referee standby for whatever it is worth. Not that either one will listen. Put them to work, give them a well-directed job and you’ll benefit from their heat. If you don’t then you can expect a few collisions. Feels like everyone, including yourself, is walking around carrying a tinder box. Oh and there are plenty of Others, even the ones you least expect who are ready to strike the match.

The Moon enter Libra at 5:43 PM EDT – Peace, Harmony and Loving feelings are taking over. The Goddess is all about partnerships and partnering when in Libra. Relationships and relating are themes. You’ll want to find a buddy and buddy up. Careful about getting too caught up in the ‘Balance and Harmony Game. ‘The Two, can be very different sides of the same coin. Sometimes to be fair, you have to ruffle a few feathers. That disturbs harmony.  Keeping the Peace not always Fair to all involved. Hummmm, embrace the dichotomy here, this peace loving moon is always ready to drop the gloves in the name of what it perceives as fair or just.

You’ll have to stay on your toes to avoid all the passive aggressive behavior. Lip service is served around every corner and people pleasing to a fault. You might be shaking your head wondering if there is any sincere exchanges at all. You will have to watch your tongue. Patience *will* pay off. Lend a helping hand to one of your Other’s. Making plans and taking purposeful action are key.

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