TUESDAY MAY 26, 2015

~ Emotions remain highly charged. Best to channel this aggression into something physical. Grab your running shoes and hit the gym, but take care not to over-extend yourself. Know your limits. Mars is an Action Figure, he needs a constructive outlet. Give him one.

You could be fired up over some bit of news, perhaps its a disturbing premonition from a dream that has you on edge. It hits home and may seem a bit too realistic or close to the truth. By early afternoon, you pull yourself together, your head and heart fall nicely into sync. Then again, by dinner time, you are back on edge as Luna makes her irritating quincunx to Uranus. Don’t fret, all will be smoothed over in a short time.

Hidden issues and questionable agendas linger beneath the surface and may be ready to pop. Closing your eyes to the issues or putting your head in the sand is likely to cause undesirable effects. Playing Ostrich may be an easy way out but problems will not disappear just because you are not looking at them. The path of least resistance is attractive when Mars and Neptune mingle because they tend to make everything confusing. However, avoiding situations altogether is too risky in the long run. Figure out what is real and try to deal with ‘that part’ at least.

Physically, you are at a low point. No surprise that you might find yourself distracted, or those around you seem preoccupied and scattered. Being truthful to yourself, at the very least, is key. Delusions of grandeur can lead you where you don’t want to go.

Focus on creativity. Expressing ‘what you feel’ or ‘what you need to’ flows. If you need to make a presentation or get a point across, you have superior positive energy in your tank and can get the job done without ruffling feathers. Forceful, yet Smooth. Use it to get yourself past limitations; whether real or perceived.

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