MONDAY MAY 25, 2015

~ Memorial Day.  A day of recollection and showing respect to those whose shoulders we stand on. To those who have fought it –  Freedom has a taste the protected will never know. It is to all men and women who wear the uniform that we owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

Today can be a bit Confusing or Dreamlike. There is an instability to the day’s energy flow.  Something or someone might catch you off guard or you may be the one throwing someone else for a loop. If the Moon was in Leo, I’d say you could expect some ‘overacting a la Jim Carey,” however, it is not. The Goddess enters Virgo at 4:52 AM EDT. Virgo energy permeates and you will not be impressed by any grand displays. Your attention will be on practical matters, health and concerns about how well you ‘keep on keeping on.’ After all, if you are not functioning efficiently on all levels of your existence, it affects everything else. Those who you can normally count on might veer off course.

Dependable and Systematic procedures go askew and Moods subsequently follow. Nerves are on edge, so take care to ‘stay the course.’ This can be an energy draining kind of day, just trying to keep your head above the fray. Passive aggressive behavior rules the day and covers everything. The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is hosting a late night storm with plenty of turbulence as she squares off with Mars, which in all likelihood moves in early. This energy carries over until tomorrow (Tuesday). The winds are blowing pretty fierce; bringing with it stuff that’s been under the radar. Irritation and Aggravation are in town and looking for a target. ‘Keep your head when all those about you are losing theirs.’

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