SUNDAY  MAY 24, 2015

~ Today has an easy vibe. Brilliant and Inspiring in an unpretentious kind of way. Oh wait, the Moon *is* in Leo – and continues to supply the fuel for Luna.  She also adds a sweet trine from Uranus so you might surprise Yourself or Your Others. At the drop of a pin, something can touch a spot in you that urges you to have something or do something different. Today is Not the day to put yourself or anyone one else in the corner. The results may be very unpredictable. You may want to or need to break free; so do something liberating. The Sun, Mars and Mercury all in Gemini will want your agenda to be double-booked.

In the few hours around noon, something may not sit quite right? A minor irritation, maybe?  Something does not add up! Are you sensing something is not right? Look it over carefully. Round and round the planets go, touching off all parts of your being. With each revolving turn, you clear a new path opens to heal a little more. Well, that’s what is supposed to take place. Easier said than done. Find it, Heal it, and you’ll be done with it.

The moon is void so kick back a little. No need to multi-task. Relax this afternoon. Whatever your personal brand of ‘Chicken Soup’ is – have a bowl or two. Try Music, a walk in nature, connect with like-minded people for some easy going inspiration. Continue to follow the stardust that lights ‘your’ path. Let your imagination be your guide and you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have never done it before; it is considered an adventure.

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