Saturday MAY 23, 2015

~ With the Moon-in-Leo all day, get yourself “Out There.” No more flying under the radar or waiting in the wings. Take the Stage in your own personal production, as Madonna would say, “Express Yourself.” Plan a Fun Day; it is Saturday after all. Hang out with those who inspire you or make you laugh. Gotta whim? Today’s the day to act on it. Being spontaneous is favored and, oh Boy, this 24 hours may be filled with surprises galore!

The Leo Moon sets the tone and brings ‘out the best in you.’ The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ likes to live large, colorfully and generously. Think of a Peacock strutting / parading around town – or – simply, Play Make-Believe, Play the Role. You are the Main Star in your own Show. You are not a supporting actor or actress. So, “Write your Own Script” and remember you are capable of an award winning performance. Choose your genre carefully. It will make an impact. Hummm,’ Who’s Running this Show?

You will be looking for a lift, something new to do. Mercury will be in his backward motion and moving very, very slowly at 12 degrees. Does it feel like things are dragging, stuck or stalled? He’ s been here for over a week. C’mon already. Try to leverage the Luna Leo energy to come up with a creative solution. Confidence levels are higher than usual and you just might have enough of it to ‘take that chance’ and reach for the brass ring.

With Jupiter in full regalia, all the stars will be out tonight. Put your dancing shoes on and maybe do an ole soft-shoe.

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