FRIDAY MAY 22, 2015

~ Will we get a Lazy or a Crazy Day of Summer? Today’s extra long void has the potential to be just that – Lazy. However, I think the Twins have a completely different outlook. Venus and Pluto are still connected, Jupiter and Pluto have a rather precarious rendezvous which is enabling the power plays and tension to proliferate. Can’t get by this one. No matter what side of the road you stand, you will have to make some adjustments. Yep, you’ll stand in disbelief when you hear some of the stuff that – oops – just comes tumbling out of your mouth. Button Pushing is the soup de jour and you can catch yourself in the act. It is that knee-jerk reaction to ‘An Other’ in your environment that triggers a hot spot.

Today is a general, ‘one size fits all’ annual transit of the Sun-Opposite-Saturn. You’ll hit a few snags and stumble. Just be certain to ‘ Obey the Rules.’  Stick to your routine; play it safe as much as possible. More than a few of you will have to ‘answer to the boss’ that is – whoever or whatever Your Boss is. Its a time to pay the piper as the things you neglected or failed to take care of catch up with you. It may appear like its the Other’s; the Authority Figures, your co -workers, or  your significant other’ in your life that are that stopping you. But really – take a look at ‘Your’ philosophical foundation – the beliefs that You Hold True. Turn them over, look underneath – could be  – that is where the Blocks are really coming from?

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