21 May


~ Attention – if you can import a little or a lot of Capricorn, or channel your inner efficiency expert; please do so. The key word is Focus. With all this Gemini Sun, Mars and Mercury Rx, things can get Real Chatty and Real Scattered – Real Quick. With the Sun Twin-ing in Gemini, Mercury running back ‘n forth, messing with *the words* you say and hear and Mars zipping around town with a dual jet pack of rocket fuel strapped to his back, your mind is beyond active and ready to blow. One part of your brain might not even know what the other part of your brain is thinking and doing and you can bet, truth be told, that those parts have diametrically diverse points of view. Are you coming or going? Yep, thats Gemini energy. You can say and feel one thing in this very minute and oops there you go off into the wild blue yonder, side-tracked or off on a tangent.

Throw in the ‘The Goddess of Love, Luxury and all things you do for Love’ in opposition to ‘Lord of the UnderWorld’ Pluto and you have someheavy duty power plays being slapped down. Uh Oh: look around and see what is going down. Using and Abusing, on all the levels. Estrogen and Testosterone are what is in those canisters strapped on the back of Mars. Can you say Intense emotions? You will catch on quick. You’re liable to come face-to-face with your own obsessions and compulsions while this aspect is highlighted. Pluto likes to work under the surface, behind the scenes and in the deep dark recesses of your life. These are some pretty potent energies that fuel the love meter. Ok Now – you can channel all this into constructive changes or you can let the chips fall where they may.  That is; if you are unwilling to deal with the underlying tensions wrapped around your love, your loving and your lover.  Oh and you can Expect these energies to hang around for a few days.

Later tonight, the Moon-in-Cancer will make a square to Uranus before it goes void at 5:42 PM – this does not exactly help things. Jumping to conclusions is a favorite exercise. So is Living on the Edge. This combo wakes up your Inner Rebel. You will not take too well to following convention, limits or restrictions. You are ‘done with something’ – Real Done. You crave excitement, and are willing to push the envelope at this time. Time to Resolve it and Move it Ahead.

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