20 May


~ The Moon moves into Cancer at 9:56 AM – Wait for it – bottled-up emotions are bubbling up and the lid could come flying off the pressure cooker. If you have not Tended to Your Emotions, they could just pop, like the cork on a champagne bottle  – at not so appropriate times and in places or in ways that will not serve you well. Not to mention, aimed at only God knows who.

Cancer is all about Your Feelings, its emotional energy and its all about your safe place, what you protect and how you are protected. Oh and guess who you’ll find there? Yep, Your Mom, How You Mother, and Your Security Blanket. It is your own personal Ship of Safety; what ever name you call it. We all have one. Find where your Cancer is located in your natal chart, what it rules, where it is transiting as well as the aspects to it. And, voila, you will be staring at where you Need to Emote. ‘What, Where, When and Who’ you are very emotional about.

By 1:12 PM, the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ makes that irritating quincunx with Saturn and you could have yourself a good old fashioned showdown. You are face-to-face with reality; not happy about what you are feeling or expressing. This aspect is mostly stress rather than action or event-related. Your feelings and what is happening just might not measure up on the Richter scale. If you have a case of high blood pressure,  watch out and try to get a grip on you fear and your feelings about loss.

Saturn does his thing and throws down a few stumbling blocks. You will hear grumbling as you walk around. You or others will be frustrated and will need to develop some extra strength patience, as the typical garden variety controls will fall short.

Tomorrow is another day so prepare for more of the ‘The Twins’ as the Sun enters Gemini at 4:45 AM:EDT.

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