TUESDAY MAY 19, 2015

~ Some tossing and turning is in the forecast for those trying to sleep on the east coast (EDT)  The tempo of your life will be dictated by the tune that Moon and Mercury are playing. Words, Words and more Words. Expressing your feelings should be on the top of your To-Do list. Everyone has an opinion and a right to it. Care has to be taken when expressing yourself when Mars is in Gemini. Your opinion is just that   –   your opinion,   –  it does not make it a fact.

Its time to be quick on your feet and make smart decisions as the lightning quick intellectual pace darts here and there.  Gemini can be a trickster, especially when you and others unintentionally put emotions into words.  Its a double-edged sword. You can use it positively as a way to connect and build on your connections right now.  However, the sharp, ‘dark side’ edge can just as easily slice and dice things to unrecognizable pieces. If feelings get aired calmly and thoughtfully, a greater sense of control and satisfaction can result. Know what you want and speak your heart. Word to the Wise   –   Stay Out of Your Own Way* and keep the Drunken Monkeys silenced.

Mercury remains at a standstill. For the next two weeks, he’s going back, looking in the rear view mirror and he’s bringing you with him. Patience will be needed. Get the magnifying glass out. What did you miss? Gemini rules couples, siblings, twins and all things that come in two’s. With all the intellectual duality and constant internal chatter,  Mercury-in-Gemini goes back over conversations and communications to discover what was missed; any Mishaps or Missed information. Re-thinking and Re-evaluating; its time to catch up and Re-assess things. The universe offers to you a window to ‘do-over’ and Re-consider.  Expect some restlessness, irritability.  Do not be surprised if you encounter detours or get detained. Mercury likes to move with lightning-quick speed, but not so much during retrograde periods   –  and maybe not in such straight lines.

Patience will be needed, and do allow extra time in your day. Mercury rules communications and the information highway. Back up your computer hard drive and make sure you have your batteries charged. Missed appointments, being Mis-informed and Mis-communications can all cause you problems. Its time to Re-think, Re-do, Re-define, Re-view, Re-organize, Re-novate, Re-visit, Re-vise – – its time to go back and go over the past 2 weeks to see if you have missed ANYTHING.  Its not a time to start new projects.  Its a time to clean up and finish anything you may have already started

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