MONDAY MAY 18, 2015

~  Watch out for low flying and high flying words being throw around. No shortage of chatter, however follow-through is hard to come by. The Moon enters Gemini  at 5:27 AM joining Mars and Mercury.  In a couple of days, the Moon will leave and the Sun will enter. Prepare for a month of having to entertain three sets of twins in your Gemini sector.

An early morning opposition to Saturn has the Moon urging you to narrow your focus. Put your nose to the grindstone. Put your feelings aside and take care of the tasks at hand. Use the structure preached by the Moon and Saturn as the groundwork to think with efficiency. You can get a lot done. Make commitments with care, think first. No ready, fire, and aiming.

Mid-day, as the lunchtime comes around, high energy arrives on the scene in the form of words that are pushing and punching their way into your space. The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ collides with the ‘warrior Mars’ both in Gemini. You can get hot under the collar over, under, or around some words, emotional mis-communications or information. Wires are crossed and a muddled mess ensues.

Tonight at 9:49 PM, Mercury comes to a standstill today, ‘making a station.’ Then the Winged Messenger will turn back, to go retrograde….. He’s been moving and grooving in Gemini since the 2nd of May but this is all about to change. Gemini is a highly cerebral being, that works things out with wit, words and worries. He’ll spend the next two weeks going back and bringing you with him. Patience will be needed.

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