SUNDAY MAY 17, 2015

~ This so-called ‘dark of the moon’ morning starts with plenty of fuel remaining in the your tank. The sweet hangover from yesterday lingers as the Venus-Neptune trine stays in town for another day. If you find yourself engaging your ‘Inner Artist’ by kicking around some pretty incredible dreams, then assume you are in the right place and space. Start planting those seeds. You’ll find out in less than a month if your crop is a healthy one. The “moment of new” happens later this evening, actually tomorrow at 12:13 AM  (just thirteen minutes after Midnight …then it is May 18.)

Your ‘to do list’ should include all the ways you plan on making a ‘New Beginning’ in your life. Each month you do (or should do) an overhaul in some area of your chart. This month, ‘the new starts’ and ‘new beginnings’ are in the sign of Taurus. Your Taurus area and the aspects made to your Taurus hotspots is where the action happens. The main event consists of financial activities inclusive of those involving your resources, your self worth, your talents, your ability to make money, borrow money, attract money and all things you place a value upon. All things you love and value.

Long-term, committed relationships fall under this domain. “How well you work together” to bolster your shared resources. Together with your Others, you join to “have more,’ ‘to become more’ and to showcase your talents and abilities. Under Taurus, we seek things of long lasting value necessary for our safety and security. The things which we hold dear.

When the Moon Conjuncts Sun at ’26 degrees Taurus,’ its time for you to let go. Welcome in the New. Its your once-a-year annual check up – a call to renovate all things Taurus – all things you value in your life. You’ll want to take advantage of this day and lay a firm foundation, rock solid. A cornerstone.

Taking place at the location of the fixed star Algol provides this new moon with the initiative and drive to make things happen. Algol is a fixed star similar in nature, not unlike that of Pluto. The result: a changed and transformed outcome which is the aftermath of some trauma or critical event. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, a new birth.

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