~ Overnight, the Moon saunters into Taurus and we all can let out a big sigh of relief. For the next couple of days, peace and comfort top the list. A bright neon R & R sign is on full power. You can’t miss it. You’ll greet this Taurus Moon with open arms especially after the hectic pace of all the high energy, Ram emotions that have been flying around. Simplicity works best; I.e. “simplicity which offers comfort as its main fare.”

Adding to the magic of the weekend, Venus “The Goddess of Love, Luxury and all things we love” makes a charming trine to Neptune. It allows for an easy escape from the cold harsh realties of the outside world by providing an oasis that delights the senses.

Don’t expect to get a whole lot done in this dreamlike setting. You’ll have plenty of compassion and inspiration for creative pursuits. Words and laughter are like music, their messages have meaning and understanding which reach you on a soulful level. Venus and Neptune, during this harmonious embrace, is one of the “Fall in Love” aspects. These two blanket everything with a sweet frosting of much needed kindness and compassion.

Its easy to give and receive under its influence.  It makes a great backdrop to express feelings in a comforting environment.  Put on any “music that lifts you up” and all creative activities flow naturally. Worries? “What worries?’ They’re all gone: for now. Leave the details and technicalities for another Day. Enjoy.

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