~ Feel a fresh gust of energy; that is Aries. Characteristically familiar to Aries energy is a quick sprint out of the gate. It is that impulsive, energetic, enthusiastic, “lets get this ball rocking and rolling fast” power. Your foot is on the gas pedal and you are heading down a new highway – flying. Oooooops, you forgot to set the GPS and left your toothbrush at home. The wheels are turning but there’s no stopping or turning back now – that is, until you run out of gas  – And well  –  maybe a challenge from Venus comes in right around lunch time. (East Coast).

You could run a stop sign and right into a conflict or two. Stopping, waiting or compromising is not an Aries trait. However, if you can muster up a little caution, compassion and ‘willingness to,’ it will all come together later. Trust. When the Moon and Venus square off; it is ‘anything goes’ in the feelings department. Take a step back and decide “if or when” you want to jump in.

Venus, the “Goddess of Love in Cancer” has a tough time being pulled in different directions. All the angles; home, the 4th, work, the 10th and self, the 1st and your other’s, the 7th are simply just not on the same page. Especially true for those of you with heavy emphasis in the Cardinal sign. There’s a feeling of disdain happening with one for it’s counterpart. Possibly, all are at odds. Always chasing after something more favored causes a sensation of being caught between the past and future. Endlessly circling a roundabout, where you keep missing the exit.

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