~ The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is on a hiatus. She’s taking a bit of a snooze in preparation for her entry into Aries during the wee hours (1:13 AM on Thursday the 14th) of the morning.  Get what you have to get done early in the day, then kick back and relax. The universal forces merge together today without conflict, so let them unfold. It is an “Absence of Malice”  sentiment as the Moon is getting along with Pluto for the time being and that is always in your favor. If you do have to deal with anything major, you have a quick ‘n easy escape hatch to the light side so   –   take it. You can make a difference. Success is probable; providing you are not the ‘pusher.’

Trust your intuition and do what is good for yourself. It is the key when the Moon and Chiron are stuck on each other. These guys shed issues on how you “don’t claim what you need.” Take care but also take what you need. Listen to your mind and body. You know what your needs are: honor them. Instructions are ‘Simple.’ Stop giving yourself the short straw. Actually forget about picking straws at all. It’s not an either/or and It’s okay to put yourself first.

Before assisting others…. In the event that the plane loses cabin pressure, a yellow oxygen mask will deploy from the compartment located above your head – Please make sure to secure your own mask. Make certain it is on tightly before assisting others. ‘Take note: this pre-flight instruction applies to everything you do in life. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Secure your own oxygen. No   –   you are not fine without it. You simple can’t go on without the air you breathe.

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