MONDAY  MAY 11, 2015

~ Sort of, kind of, did you happen to catch that flash of insight while you tossed and turned in bed last night? Maybe you woke for a sip of water and were able to enjoy a wildly inspiring or thought-provoking moment. By the time morning has broken over the east coast, the moon is void, so stick to routine matters at hand. The void lasts pretty much all day ending only at 10:53 PM when Luna enters Pisces and squares Mars a minute later.  (Mars enters Gemini 13 minutes earlier at 10:40 pm).  So for most of the day, things are just not as together as they might otherwise be. You can get some things done but also be prepared to make minor compromises or adjustments along the way.

Make some plans for the new kid in town. This guy looking for action in your chart is Mars.  Thats nothing new, but he’s traveling ‘like a twin’ in Gemini from today/May 11, until June 24.  ‘Expect to’ and ‘plan to’ have your writing and speaking tools readily available. Know what you want to express. However, ‘its Mars’ and you can take him out of Aries, but you can’t take the Aries out of him. You’ll still have access to your sword and shield. If your ‘Natal Mars’ is in Gemini, you will be spoiling for a verbal showdown. ‘NatalMars’-in-Gemini is a double dose of fuel from the red planet. The “action twins” have an axe to grind and you can expect to hear some harsh words from both sides.

If you were born with Mars-in-Gemini, you have hadpast rocky experiences with your siblings. So it stands that Mars transiting this sign more than any other, indicates sibling rivalry issues will be ignited.  Mercury is also in Gemini  –  going back in time (retrograde) and the Sun will soon throw its heat and light there.

Mars-in-Gemini uses ‘Words’ to stimulate and incite ‘Action.’ Words are used in clever ways, to get what they want or to get other people to do what they want. So watch for the con artists. Oh …….and as you walk away, you’ll still be shaking your head in disbelief. Its all fun and games until the sting comes, compliments of Mars-in-Gemini.

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