SUNDAY MAY 10, 2015

~ Happy Mother’s Day and a fine day it is.  “Mother’s Intuition” is the phenomenon bestowing Mothers with an immediate, albeit unreasoned, knowing about the well-being of their children. The legend is so undeniable that even the most critical skeptics bow to it’s veracity. This kind of knowing is heavily supported with today’s Moon-in-Aquarius trining Mercury-in-Gemini. With head and heart walking hand in hand, the moon releases emotions and translates them instantaneously into messages using much more than words. It is the thoughts and feelings that you “Just Know.” You understand instantly without explanation or reason.

Today, Venus tangles with Saturn, making an odd ‘150 degree quincunx angle’ shedding light on a tricky issue.  The burden of responsibility is not just mothering your children, but also in loving another. Venus is Love, and the things ‘we do for’ and ‘because we love’ others. Mothering them is a big part. Doing for others can be all consuming.  Saturn represents Duties and Responsibilities. What we carry on our shoulders.  Saturn = Work. It is ‘Mother Work.’ By pure virtue of its role, mothering does not leave room for the self. Overwhelming and All Consuming  –  “24/7 Giving” The ‘self’ gets lost, squashed, minimized and denied.

Mothers have come a long way from the day dresses and aprons of their 1950 sitcom’s counterparts. Their uniform today consists of Lululemon’s yoga pants, the look is nothing the same but are they really that much different?  Don’t they still take on more responsibilities than necessary, forsaking self in order to perpetuate the familia. Are we loved for what we do or for who we are?

‘Mother’s Day is your day to take off ‘your apron”  and reclaim part of yourself. Spend a few hours just being you.  Enjoy some time ‘NOT’ doing for others. Leave the mothering and the ‘doing for others’ to the Other’s. Today is about loving and honoring ‘The Person’  its not just about the things they do or don’t do.

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