~ “Wake up sleepy Jean, oh, what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen.” Anyone singing that tune, feeling hung over, lost in the fog, or simply just wanting to hide beneath the covers? That’s the deal when Mercury and Neptune toss opinions back n’ forth on the heels of a Pluto-Uranus tailspin. It’s certainly not the day to attempt to “set everyone straight,” or  deliver concrete information. Things just are not clear enough so you have to be patient and “okay with it.” Neptune blurs the boundaries and softens the edges. The pink fog rolls in. Getting absorbed and lost in music, art or theatre are all favorable manifestations of Mercury-Neptune. Write  – grab your pen and paper and let your inspiration do the driving. The words will flow effortlessly.

You are definitely thinking, communicating and tossing verbal phrases and opinions around while ‘under the influence.’ The challenge begins when you are forced to deal with harsh reality. So  –  do what you ‘have to’ only, while you still have the mountain goat energy to accomplish any necessary tasks. Save those you can along with any big decisions on another day.

After dinner, clear the dishes  and make way as Aquarian energy welcomes ‘something of a different and exciting break’ from your normal routine.  Social gatherings, with friends and family, are highlighted and promoted promised. You could be pleasantly surprised. Thought provoking and stimulating mental gymnastics can function at the speed of light while under the Aquarius sphere.  This influence radiates far and wide.

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