FRIDAY MAY 8, 2015

~ Oh Boy …….. when the rubber meets the road this morning, things will be rocking and rolling. They will remain that way until bedtime on the east coast.  Flex your muscles, show ’em what you got: in a good way, of course. The Capricorn Moon always means business. She never wavers. She is rooted in tradition and committed to the tried and true. She gets the job done. Calculating, cool and yes, even perhaps ‘Cold’ at times. It is well known; this is Moon  that likes to get things done.

First thing out of the shoot this morning, Luna and Mercury create a twist and turn. A bit of a conundrum as it quickly passes while she makes ‘nice’ with Neptune at 7:15 AM:EDT. You can take a breath and “Dream a Little Dream.” Even on the Mountain Goat’s turf, wishes do come true; so hold on tightly to that thought. If you run into some roadblocks, do observe, take your notes and make your adjustments accordingly. If you feel like you want to push the envelope, think long and hard about how far you can push it. Over-zealous maneuvers can get you into places  where you’d rather not be. If you find yourself, or are able to recognize your compulsive actions, have a talk with yourself about “your motives”.  Others have their own agendas, yes, so be it – what matters to you is that you know what yours are. The Moon and Pluto love to throw their weight around. Take care that you are on the right side of history. Wise, intuitive decisions straight from the heart make the best fuel for this ‘Energy Burn.’

Before she turns out the lights, Luna has a disagreement with Uranus. Apparently he can’t let things be. This rebel likes to get yer goat, ha ha ha …. pun intended. Make sure you have your best ‘Mountain Goat On’ and you’ll be able to maintain your stability. Solid as a rock and sure footed, the mountain goat can maintain his balance and hold his ground even through shocks and surprises.

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