~ The Big News today is that Venus, the “Goddess of Love, Luxury and All Things We Love” enters Cancer this evening at 6:52 pm EDT.  She joins forces with the Moon in Capricorn at 2:16 pm this afternoon. The mission this month: to show us “How we should take care of those we love.” The focus is on nurturing, being devoted and taking care of others. All the different ways we *Mother Love*. The perfect stage is set for Mother’s Day. Venus in Cancer is the epitome of ‘Mothering Energy”

When it comes to life around the zodiac, these two control the axis of Mother/Father.  Also, at the top of the chart (your 10th House) is – how you fare out there in the big world. And finally, at the bottom of the chart (your 4th) is – where you seek comfort and nurturing. Its ‘what you need’ / the tools available, to face *what’s out there.* It then becomes the comfort and nurturing you need when you come home with the bacon.

The Moon still in Sagittarius makes a 9 o’clock (actually 8:42 AM:EDT) appointment with Mars.  The dance of intimacy begins and you’re not quite sure  How To  show your feelings so you tentatively test the water. It takes a lot of “give and take” to elevate the emotions and actions necessary raising relationships to a higher level. The meetings between Moon and Mars can get tense, edgy and irritating but – oh so necessary to ‘getting the right message to you”

Just before the Sagittarius Moon leaves, she has it out with Venus – that is if you want to stand your ground. Nothing good comes from it. However, if you can objectively see both sides, “yours and those of Loved Ones” points of view, you’ll sail through together onto bigger and better ports of call.  Lock horns and nobody goes anywhere. Its all energy. Once Luna leaves ‘Open Sagittarius’ and enters ‘Cold Capricorn,’ sensitivities will be hidden, not always so good. Capricorn likes to hide their loving, caring and sensitive sides, so for a couple days, Venus and the Moon could do some pushing and pulling.

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