~ Ahhh   –  The Sun-in-Sagittarius keeps the mood and outlook aloft. After the dark days of Scorpio, it feels good to be airborne once again. Our Spirits rise, we are ready and raring to go. We see the good in everything. That is the gift of Sagittarius. Vision. That wide-eyed spirit when we look at life with raw passion and pureness of heart. The early morning trine between the Sun and Pluto offers you some challenges but you can find solutions   –  you’ve got the answers.  If you are wondering what all that plunging into the muck was about; you needed to heal a few issues that were rumbling underneath the surface.

Strength is in your pocket today and takes you to the finish line. Noontime may cause a stumble. There will be an odd few hours where you just can’t get your emotions on the same page as your ego or vice versa. One of them or the other seems to be holding out for what it wants.

You can look forward to a fun happy hour. The energy of the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ hooks up with Uranus to enjoy a cocktail or two. These two can create quite the buzz. The mood will be both playful and insightful, providing you with a break from your usual routine. Do something different. If you find something pushing, poking you and downright ruining your good time: that would be Chiron creating a painful episode. This will feel much like rubbing salt in a wound. Be patient and tolerate it for bit. It may cause some minor grief, but you’ll come back around quickly enough. Release those minor irritations and move forward.

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