TUESDAY MAY 5 , 2015

~ Welcome to the Sagittarius Moon. We greet the ‘Archer’s energy’ at 6:13 AM EDT. You can now inhale a breath of fresh air as you leave the *illuminated darkness* and start to put your rose-colored glasses back on. Not so fast, Saturn is here  – remember?  You now know what lies ahead and you are once again hopeful that your vision will be realized. You are ready to add an extra dose of Saturn discipline to your repertoire as you head out. Your journey may ‘not be as much ‘fun’ as it could be, or what you once thought it could be. However, in Sagittarius, you strive to hold true to what is actually right and leave righteousness indignation behind.

Most of us will be spending the next couple of days influenced by Sagittarius energy while trying to connect the dots. Yep  – the big picture. Trying to see where you can plug and play all the new information that has been recently revealed. Do your beliefs and your thoughts hold up? Do you fight with your own internal value system? Are you aligned with the greater good? Saturn is in Sagittarius: urging, pushing, prodding and insisting that we stand firm as we strive to hold true to the ideals and principles which support our belief system. Does your faith withstand the test of time? Can you justify the philosophy by which you profess to live your life to the actions which you take ……..

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