MONDAY MAY 4, 2015

~ Mr. Big is still in town and the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is over-reacting to just about everything. Tap into your creativity but channel the urge to over-do anything you choose to pursue. Stay comfortably contained within your capabilities. Proceed with caution, steady your gait and take small steps. It is far too easy to over-extend yourself and end up physically or emotionally depleted. You CAN eat the whole pie, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take small bites and then go back for more. Stay true to yourself, be authentic and you will be just fine.

Innovation and Creativity is the path forward.  Hold that vision and be prepared to make adjustments and concessions. The Moon and Uranus are in the “I don’t want to be in this position” aspect. Plain and simple; you never wanted to be dealing with the type of upheaval that you find yourself in right now. Half the stress is that you spend too much energy wondering why you are here.

You should be dealing with what you are going to do now ………or are you spending too much time and energy worrying about “what” you are going to do now, but actually need to spend some time wondering “why.” Either way, the proper balance point must be found.  And, as with all quincunx, you are never going to be entirely happy with any adjustment or trade off which must be made in your attempt to achieve the desired equilibrium.


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