SUNDAY MAY 3 , 2015

 ~ What’s cooking good looking? What is this Moon bringing up? Follow the rules and play by the book. Think things through clearly. Go around the Zodiac and look at just where this axis lies in your chart. Round and Round she goes and where she stops; nobody knows. Oh wait!  You’ll have a pretty clear picture of where the imbalances have reached their peak.

The Full Moon takes place at 11:42 PM, then twelve minutes later, the ‘Moon squares Jupiter’ and enlarges everything big enough so you just can’t miss it. This contact with Jupiter indicates you are ‘going to be’ or ‘ already ARE’ over the top in some area of your life or you’ll be dealing with others who are out of control. Compare it to being ‘out on a limb.’ Either way, it has clearly marked signs of being “in over your head.” This Full Moon wants you to address those areas where you are out of control or need to take control. Where When or How do you give your power away?

There are major themes being addressed. They involve your values (what you have versus what you desire to accumulate (what you don’t have.) It encompasses the price you pay as well as your willingness to do what it takes to maintain what you have. It may also show you where you have been unwilling to make the effort required to get what you desire. It is comparing what you have with how you work with others to procure, secure and maintain what you have. Its how and why you merge or do not merge with others.

We have ourselves a few hotspots. Degrees 13, 14, 15  of the fixed signs line up producing powerful energy from the Sun, Moon and Jupiter Big time T- Square for one. Hold on to your head, your heart and your perspective. if you have planets at 13, 14, 15: Aquarius, the Water Bearer becomes your focal point/outlet. This creates a grand cross with your natal planet or point in Aquarius. Hang on. Your “Higher Vision” is activated so use your third eye to see beyond the limited personal, selfish perspective and look at the collective. Look beyond your perceived limits. You are more capable than you ever dreamed. Create  – Create  – Create.  Have yourself some fun. Use this fertile playground to seed that which your heart desires.

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