~ The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is motivated to take some action to begin the day. She is looking for some excitement but will seem to be indecisive. She is prepared to make adjustments because she may not be entirely happy with her choices. Finding balance could be troublesome. Mercury is starting to show his trickster side. He is not playing nice in the sandbox with Uranus. At any moment, he can rebel due to the slightest pressure or irritation from anywhere. So try to control him. He is the side of you that has his ‘own ideas’ and could care less about what anyone else says despite what the facts may indicate. So if its not you throwing the tantrum, it just might be ‘The Others’ in your environment.

On the flip side, knowing what you want is good. Get clear and then take ‘the correct actions’ to procure it — it is all good. No need to carry on any undeclared war over it. Yep, take some action, take a chance!! If there is something that you have been wanting  – move it, move it. Opportunities require you have to take action if you truly want to make them so.

Later this evening, at 9:47 PM, the Moon moves into Scorpio ~ and things can get pretty interesting. The moon is waxing and putting on some weight.  Passions are bubbling and a sensational piece of drama is building. This may materialize, complete with some twists and turns as the plot develops. Emotions are getting tense. Eliminating and ‘getting rid of stuff’ is Scorpio’s strong suit. When the full moon can’t take any more, it releases what is no longer serving you. Scorpio days are not known for their light and breezy feeling.  When one falls on a full moon, you are more apt to see Scorpio’s dark contents as the lady turns the light on bright. Wherever ’13 degrees Scorpio’ is in your personal birth chart is the hot spot.


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