30April 1


~ Enjoy a slow start to the morning with a two hour void before ‘The Goddess of Emoting’ charms her way into the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. However, before her ‘Void Break,’ she makes a loving connection with Mercury-in-Taurus while she is still in the earthy sign of Virgo. What a combo these two are!!

Your head and heart will be in sync, on the same page, working in tandem. Like peas and carrots, these two play beautiful music together with lyrics to match.  Whatever situations or events are taking place now have a permanence attached to them —like Perma Glue. Lasting ‘clarity and calmness’ make their mark on this day and the things you do under their influence. Thinking and Communication takes place on all planes of existence to support creative efforts. This is the Poetry in Motion aspect that harmonizes your home and hearth. Words that convey a what is in your heart are easy to put into motion. If you have to deliver a speech or make a presentation today is the day you can reach people with the passion you put into the delivery.

At 10:03 AM, the Moon leaves Virgo and enters Libra. Her focus will be on making everything perfect and relating. In Libra, the Goddess of Emoting does not like to be assertive. In fact, she does not do that well at all. She is more interested in harmony. When things go south, the scales can’t handle the imbalances and life gets turned upside down.

Mercury makes his entrance into the dual sign of Gemini after dark tonight. Mercury, together with the twins, will have their way with words as they kick off this spring’s Mercury Rx season. This begins his shadow season on the 4th of May. Brace yourself for most of May, June and the first week of July to be jammed packed with information exchanges. Don’t expect deep penetrating talk, in Gemini talk is quick and fluid, changeable, curious and charming. You can have some fun with words, and learn a whole bushel basket full of trivial facts.

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