~ Today is one of those ‘blank slate’ kind of days. To get your masterpiece started, you might be required to enter the coordinates and desired destination to your consciousness.  This is much like how you would enter where you want to go into a GPS system. Your gas tank is filled and after a good breakfast, you’ll have just about everything you need to get wherever it is that you want to go. So what are you waiting for?  Giddy Up.

Decide where you want to take this day and then just go for it. Keep your eyes on where you are heading and never mind where you have been. There is a reason you are leaving that place. The moon is still in the practical sign of Virgo and today you have Neptune heaping on a truck load of Pixie Dust.  And there you have it – – — you can make some of the most delightful, unlikely magical things happen. Practical solutions that can and need to happen for you are within your arm’s reach.

The Goddess is her discriminating self in “Pursuit of Perfection.” This is an attitude that usually proves troublesome for you by creating so much anxiety during the quest. Yet, ‘lo and behold,’ with the rosy glow of Neptune and the warmth of the Sun, it actually takes the edge off. She lets her hair down, softens her grip and so should you. Neptune is her dope, her antidote. Virgo, driving under the influences of Neptune’s effervescent hope, faith and belief in Fairy Tales, will get you closer to perfection. Also closer to where you wish to be rather than wherever ‘Raw Virgo’ could deliver you.

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