~ Sleeping through the very early 4 AM ‘Luna Square-to-Saturn’ is your best bet.  After that, you can put your Saturn to work as the Moon and Sun work together harmoniously as ‘besties.’ These two luminaries are buddies today; they have it going on together. They are hot. Team up with the Virgo Moon so you can tackle mundane laborious tasks AND then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

It can improve your domain, provide solutions to your challenges and improve your space. The Goddess supports all efforts for working together to produce some down-to-earth, routine results. Her mantra today could be “get ‘er done.” In order to get off on the right foot, before you get started, — check off your to-do list and prioritize your tasks. Work hard first and afterwards you may put your strategies into play. Conquer the jobs at hand in small, incremental steps and your gains will be assured down the road. Be prepared, arm yourself appropriately and do your homework. What you achieve today; any new territory gained or contacts made will be long-term and fulfilling.

Get done what needs doing as early in the day as possible. Later, at 5:52 PM, the Moon veers off her ‘straight and narrow’ course and the fog rolls in. You won’t be in the mood for any serious engagements as the afternoon closes and happy hour approaches. Meetings or business arrangements scheduled for later in the day won’t ‘net the expected results’ or will need further scrutiny. The data presented may be faulty or deceptive. Even diligent checking and re-checking of the facts could prove later to be unreliable. Double vision, distortions or deceptions can cloud reality as Neptune moves in to confuse things. This is not the time to be making big decisions or any that could possibly bear significant weight. You might “want to” or “have to” change your mind later on.

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