~ It is ‘take a break’ day! The moon is not working either for the better part of the day. You find yourself spinning some craziness in your brain after that last hook-up she made with Mercury.  Your information, communication and transportation highways are fraught with detours that have you and your thoughts going every which way. This is one of those days that you can’t find the words to articulate your emotions. Oh no ……wait. You have some words but they just aren’t the ones that will get you what you want.

Too many internal conflicts happening for verbal harmony. It is nearly impossible to produce any peace and tranquility via the spoken language.  With much cross contamination of data, it appears that a Mercury-Retrograde shadow is creeping in. Do your best to keep things in check and verify any important appointments. Yep, follow the Mercury Rx protocol and you might be able to sidestep some major mass transportation and/or communication snafus.

Use today’s Leo Moon ‘to play’ or ‘to create.’ Just make sure to put all your toys away by 9:07 PM on the East Coast. The Moon heads into Virgo where ‘Dedicated Vigilant Care’ is the order of the day. You’ll want to be on top of everything and have everything in its proper place. Pay close attention to detail.  Follow protocol to the letter of the law without fail for the next two days. Comply with standard operating procedures (Tuesday & Wednesday) in a meticulous step by step manner. Being ‘efficient and effective’ is the methodology you should choose for all your endeavors.

On Tuesday you’ll want to run a tight ship while “The Goddess is in Virgo.” Plan ahead. This Moon can play havoc with both ends of the spectrum – – ‘the perfectionist and the absent-minded professor.’ The nit-picking perfectionist is mercilessly haunted by even the slightest flaw. While the scattered-brained professor gets tripped up by missing the small print and minor details. The proper balance lies somewhere between the two.

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