~ Salute to the Leo Moon as the Diva waltzes into your stratosphere during this phase of the lunar cycle. Your heart is looking for a party and a lover.  However, the uncertainty of the turning tides might throw a damper on any plans to live it up or celebrate. What you began at the new moon a week ago meets its first stumbling block. Last night The ‘Lady of Love and Luxury’ put down the terms of engagement and this may be compounding the issues. You were probably hoping to hear a different tune. You will be scrambling to adjust your priorities and place your values in a more efficient and accurate order.

To improve your odds: use good judgment, and cut your loses. Steer as clear as you can of negative confrontations. Concessions will be necessary if you seek peace. This is not an “Either/Or” situation. Competition is strong. ‘Black or White’ bodies of work are equally unsuitable. You find answers in the grey area through compromise. Adjustments are needed.

Later in the day, when the ‘Moon in Leo’ trines Saturn-Sagittarius  4:09 PM – Controlled Feelings can save the day. As the heavy storm clouds clear and the skies are a touch brighter; a certain stability settles in the neighborhood. It may be better to express your feelings in a direct conservative manner. Not the typical stage that the Moon-in-Leo likes, which is all fun and games and downright showy at times. Stay the course with the ‘Tried and True’. Make your statement, with confidence; save the showmanship.

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