~  Whatever is cooking emotionally gets moved to the front burner while you struggle to keep the lid on. A mixed bag of statements; consisting of opinions, facts and conjecture; can make establishing an “Absence of Malice” virtually impossible. Venus in Gemini along with Mercury and Mars in Taurus are trying their best to use common sense and stick to what they know to be true.  However, the emotional circuit boards are heating up and could be ready to jam the airwaves. Fit the pieces together. Yes,  –  Exercise Logic and Sound Reasoning. Yes,  – it does have to make sense! However, your path to get there is purely “right-brained.” Use the grounding nature of the Bull for the execution of your plans and bring them down-to-earth.

For the next two days. the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ entertains home, love and acceptance. Emotional sincerity unquestionably can conceal a clear path in or out. Free ‘of and from’ all pretense and hypocrisy – that is how the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ rolls. Turn off the endless mental chatter inside your skull. Leave the mental gymnastics for another day. Put up your antenna and “tune in” to your instincts. Your natural tendencies, your talents and abilities are always there to be tapped into when you truly trust yourself. It is when you’re in the zone, unencumbered by questioning, that you’re emotionally fulfilled.

You’ll get pretty crabby if your Mercury is questioning everything that your heart is feeling. Instinctively, the moon points out to you ‘where and how’  you’re doing the blocking. The moon is instinctive, imaginative and innate. Allow it freedom. Bring something into existence   –  Create.

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